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Bernadette is a Chartered Architect, Chartered Arbitrator and an Accredited Adjudicator.

In 1994 Bernadette qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators , became a Chartered Arbitrator of the Chartered  Institute of Arbitrators in 1999 and undertook in 2014 the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration.

In 2020 Bernadette completed the Hunt ADR mediation skills training course and is now a Civil and Commercial Mediator and an on Line Mediator.

She is also a registered Fire Risk Assessor.

Bernadette’s scope of work encompasses the various roles associated with the CDM Regulations, dispute management, fire safety, health and safety, and training.

I collaborate with Phil Diamond of Diamond & Co in relation to external wall matters and EWS1 forms.
Diamond & Co carry PII for EWS1 forms and external wall matters and are able to sign off on both Option A and Option B.

Guidance is provided to clients, developers, contractors and designers at various stages throughout the life of the project from inception to management of the finished project.

Projects worked upon include hotels, retail premises, offices, gyms, live work units, restaurants and  residential accommodation,

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