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Non Destructive Investigations of External Facades

Investigations of External Facades


In carrying out external wall fire surveys I work in collaboration with  Diamond and Co who specialise in using non-destructive techniques wherever practicably possible to investigate external facades.

One of the first questions we are always asked about is whether we have to remove the ‘cladding’?

Another question also raised is invariably ‘how much does an external wall fire survey cost’?

I won’t go into detail of how much an external wall fire survey costs or what 'cladding' is'?

What I will say though is that non-destructive investigation methods as used by Diamond & Co are cost effective for they do not require the repair of the building fabric and decorative finishes after the investigation has taken place.

There is also the inherent risk that any repairs or reinstatement after the intrusive investigation has taken place will be weak points for failure with potential water ingress, a risk that was not present before the investigation took place.

Diamond and Co will carry out a survey of all safely accessible elements of the common fabric utilising standard survey equipment & undertake planned exploratory works such as void scoping and metal detection with a handheld wall spectrometer to minimise disruptive works.


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