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The EWS1 Form and Limited Combustibility

The EWS1 form does seem to have lots of notes to refer to and some of them lead you to sources of reference.


For limited combustibility, for example under Option A you are referred to Note 6.

Note 6 states:

‘Note 6 – The term ‘limited combustibility’ is as defined in BS9991:2015’.

Now refer to BS9991:2015 Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Residential Buildings – Code of practice.

If you don’t have a copy BS9991: 2015 defines material under limited combustibility under section 3.45 and states:

‘material of limited combustibility


a) a non-combustible material; or

b) any material of density 300 kg/m3 or more which, when tested in

accordance with BS 476-11, does not flame and the rise in temperature on

the furnace thermocouple is not more than 20 °C; or

c) any material with a non-combustible core of 8 mm thick or more, having

combustible facings (on one or both sides) not more than 0.5 mm thick; or

d) material classified as class A2-s3, d2 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1, when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 1182 or BS EN ISO 1716 and BS EN 13823’


Download a copy of the EWS1 form

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