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The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Podcast


Every week the Grenfell Tower Inquiry sits, the BBC analyses and explains the evidence heard through their podcasts.

The podcasts are exceptionally clear

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry was created to examine the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the fire at Grenfell Tower on the night of 14 June 2017.

The Inquiry is investigating a List of Issues that has been separated into two phases.

Phase 1 focused on the factual narrative of the events on the night of 14 June 2017.

The hearings for Phase 1 began on 21 May 2018 and concluded on 12 December 2018. The Chairman published his Phase 1 report on 30 October 2019.

The hearings for Phase 2 were suspended following the Prime Minister's guidelines around COVID-19 but recommence on  7 September 2020. 


    BB Sounds


Phase 1 of the Report is published here:

   Grenfell Tower Enquiry Phase 1 Report


Phase 2 of the Inquiry examines the causes of these events, including how Grenfell Tower came to be in a condition which allowed the fire to spread in the way identified by Phase 1.

The Inquiry website amongst other things maintains a database of evidence:



The evidence is published on the Inquiry's website when it has been adduced at a hearing.

So whilst the Podcasts cannot cover all of the evidence heard from a witness you can download the full transcript of any particular evidence from a witness if you wish to go into further detail.

Consider the Podcasts essential listening for anyone who works in the construction industry.

The cladding specialist Harley Facades was the latest to give evidence - listen to Podcasts 125 and 126.

Even if you only listen to these two Podcasts you will understand why external wall fire reviews and EWS1 forms are so essential.




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