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At Long Last - The Mediation Course I've Been Waiting For!

At Long Last - The Mediation Course I've Been Waiting For!

Over the past few years it had been my intention to train as a mediator but with so many courses available the more I looked for a suitable course the harder it became to choose.

I also found that none of the courses offered any option for on line training either and it was important also to undertake a CMC recognised course.

Plus I wanted more flexibility in a course which did not require me to be out of contact for five days.

Recently however I have discovered the HuntADR course which runs for 5 days and I have happily signed up for 15 June 2020.

HuntADR Mediation training

Will life ever return to the 'normal' we knew before COVID 19?  I doubt it? But I do believe that more and more training can be held 'on line'.

More mediations will also be held on line particulary when facilities such as Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, Skype and of course the telephone can be used.  Otherwise implementing social distancing is a little difficult.

And will there still be people fighting like cats and dogs?  I expect so, but they will just need a good mediator.


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